Saturday, March 20, 2010

FD Training Chapters 13, 14,15, & 16

A story submitted by : slave jim88

Chapter 13

On Wednesday evening Goddess Bridget texted slave jim and told him to come to Her office for lunch on Thursday. She was in the mood for some afternoon delight.

At 1pm he was waiting in the reception area outside Her office. She told the secretary to send him in. When he went inside She had him strip and follow Her to Her playpen. Once inside he helped Goddess Bridget remove her suit. She wore a leather push-up bra,and crotchless panties, black thigh high nylons,and 3 inch stiletto's. She had him polish Her shoes and panties with his tongue while She sat on Her throne. She then sat on his back and rode him to Her bed. he removed Her stilletto's and kissed the inside. Finally he lay down next to Her; She sat on his face and had him lick the crack of Her magnificent ass then he worshipped Her asshole till She had multiple orgasms.

After relaxing for a while She sent him on his way totally frustated. Goddess Bridget told him to be at Her houme at 8PM.

Chapter 14

All day slave jim thought about how Goddess Bridget had used him for Her pleasure. he couldn't wait till the evening when he would see Her again. his dick had precum all afternoon and varied in degrees of hardness. Before he knew it was 7pm and he was on his way to Her home. he stopped at a florist and picked up a beautiful bouquet of daffodills, lillies, etc.; he found a card which expressed his feelings for the privelege and gift of submission his Goddess had bestowed on him. When he arrived he found a note instructing him to strip and come downstairs.

Chapter 15

When he got downstairs Goddess Bridget was sitting on chair enjoying dinner. he crawled to Her side and presented the bouquet and card to Her.
She looked at him and smiled " the flowers are beautiful; there is a vase in the kitchen . Put the flowers in My bedroom. "

When he returned She turned and smiled again; "The sentiments of the card are beatiful. Tell Me what did you think of lunch" She said with a knowing smile.
"It was amazing, i thought about it all afternoon."
"I love feeling your mouth and tongue worshipping My crack, kissing My hole and licking My insides. Once we are together your mouth will worship My ass almost every day. Can't wait huh?"
he nodded yes "Thank-You Goddess Bridget."
She chuckled.

Now I want you to fellate My fingers. Come sit at My feet; get busy I have many plans for you this weekend."
he took each finger in his mouth and sucked it like it was a small cock. After 30-40 minutes She motioned for him to stop. Goddess Bridget was wearing the same panties, bra, nylons, and stillettos from this afternoon. She stood up,looked over Her shoulder and had him place his nose between Her cheeks;
"I want you to keep you nose between My cheeks as I walk."
First She walked slowly than picked up the pace suddenly, stopping his nose bumping into Her crack
he placed his mouth on Her asshole and proceeded.
"Stop" SHE said after 10-20 kisses.
She walked to the side of Her bed which housed Her toys. She strapped on Black Beauty and had him deep throat her. She had him remove Her heels and climbed on his back so She could get in bed. he layed down next to Her. She lubricated Black Beauty then his man pussy. Slowly She pushed the head past his sphincter muscle and inch by inch penetrated him. She grabbed his ankles and pushed them over his head so his dick was positioned over his face. She looked at him and smiled. She slowly increased the tempo until his feet were banging against the wall and Her balls slapped against his cheeks. She fucked him for over one hour: one orgasm after another. While She fucked him She lowered Her magnificent breasts so he could suck on Her nipples. When She was satisfied She climbed out of the harness leaving Black Beauty in his man pussy.
After relaxing for a little while She sat on his face for payback .

"Since I was magnanimous enough to pleasure your ass My turn! Goddess Bridget chuckled. I expect at least as long for Me." She whispered.
he stuck his tongue out and licked her sweat and juices from Her crack and the space between Her heavenly holes. She then had him stick his tongue inside. While he worshipped Her She toyed with his nipples; ground Her hips on his face, periodically lifting up slightly so he could catch his breath and She could look at his face all sweaty covered with her cum juices. As it should be. As Her excitement increased it became hader for his tongue to continue at the same pace so She ground harder and harder until She reached a massive orgasm.

She moved slightly down and relaxed on the lower half of his face; his nose partially covered, allowing him to breath between Her cheeks. She looked at the mirror above the bed admiring the scene. he lay under Her; his face streaked with cum and sweat, dick bobbing in frustration. She thought about climbing aboard and giving him a massive orgasm but decided She wanted him hard all weekend. Maybe Sunday She would allow Her dick the pleasure of feeling Her magnificent pussy. After all she would decide when it would cum so it belonged to Her. She chuckled in contemtment.

She the admired Her body; FIRM VOLUPTUOUS BREASTS, LARGE NIPPLES, FLAT BELLY, MUSCULAR THIGHS and CALVES, SEXY FEET. HER ARMS, slightly muscular just perfect for Her, BLONDE HAIR just above Her CHEEKS DEEP BLUE EYES, eminently kissable lips, dimpled CHIN, MUSCULAR BACK and, last but not least, HER ABSOLUTELY PERFECT ASS round, soft yet muscular; every mans dream.

Chapter 16

Goddess Bridget lay down next to her slut and had him undress Her for bed.
"you smell, but I want you to wear My scents thru the evening. you will sleep on the floor. Get a blanket to cover you. Tommorrow you will take off from work. Call in sick in the morning."

To be continued

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