Thursday, March 11, 2010

FD Training Chapter 12

A story submitted by : slave jim88

Goddess Bridget then untied him and climbed on his back where She ordered him to take Her to the the queen sized bed in another part of the basement. She stepped on his back so She could lay down, then instructed him to lay at the bottom of the bed, & rub her feet .

" slave jim My moods will always vary; Sometimes we will have vanilla sex like Friday, sometimes Goddess Worship; sometimes tease and denial, actually lots of tease and denial. I love looking at a stiff dick, sometimes I will be a real BITCH- PAIN, SPANKING, whatever strikes my mood. Your hands, mouth, and tongue will work hard at pleasing Me. I think you now I LUV strap on play. As I said I will respect your hard limits It's obvious to Me you love using your tongue, mouth and hands more more than any slave I've had. Tell Me how much strap-on play have you had"?
"Very little Goddess Bridget."
"Don't worry I will more than make up for that."
"Thank-You Goddess Bridget."
"Now enough foot massage She needs some attention;"

Goddess Bridget pulled the leash on his collar till he was inches away from Her. Looking him straight in the eyes She said
"Beg Me slave beg Me to worship My pussy."
"Please Goddess Bridget allow me the privelege of worshiping Your Magnificent pussy?"
"Place your nose inside and beg Me again."
"MMMMMMM" he said She LOL.
"Ok go ahead."
Goddess Bridget placed Her feet on his back. Occasionally She tapped his back with Her crop, and pulled his face into Her pussy repeatedly. As Goddess Bridget approached orgasm She pulled harder, hit him with more frequency, and squeezed his head with Her muscular thighs.
"MMM not bad on your back."
Goddess Bridget straddled his face, looked him in the eyes and said "stick your tongue straight up and do not move. I will pull if I need you to move I will use your face for My pleasure"

Goddess Bridget rode his face up and down, side to side finally putting his tongue inside and rode him up and down for multiple orgasms; on the last one She lifted Her legs queening him full weight.

Goddess Bridget climbed off relaxing for a short while She turned and admired Her slave he hadn't moved & his dick was rock hard. She smiled, looked him in the eyes and teased his dick with Her nails. he moaned She took Her middle finger and wiped the precum forming on his head stuck it in his mouth and had him lick it clean.
God She loved Her life. he gave Her pleasure. She teased him, humiliated him, and hurt him, and he liked it. Goddess Bridget so looked forward to the there next time together.
"slave jim pick Me up at My office Thursday evening."

They would spend Thursday-Sunday together.

To be continued

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