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FD Training Chapters 13, 14,15, & 16

A story submitted by : slave jim88

Chapter 13

On Wednesday evening Goddess Bridget texted slave jim and told him to come to Her office for lunch on Thursday. She was in the mood for some afternoon delight.

At 1pm he was waiting in the reception area outside Her office. She told the secretary to send him in. When he went inside She had him strip and follow Her to Her playpen. Once inside he helped Goddess Bridget remove her suit. She wore a leather push-up bra,and crotchless panties, black thigh high nylons,and 3 inch stiletto's. She had him polish Her shoes and panties with his tongue while She sat on Her throne. She then sat on his back and rode him to Her bed. he removed Her stilletto's and kissed the inside. Finally he lay down next to Her; She sat on his face and had him lick the crack of Her magnificent ass then he worshipped Her asshole till She had multiple orgasms.

After relaxing for a while She sent him on his way totally frustated. Goddess Bridget told him to be at Her houme at 8PM.

Chapter 14

All day slave jim thought about how Goddess Bridget had used him for Her pleasure. he couldn't wait till the evening when he would see Her again. his dick had precum all afternoon and varied in degrees of hardness. Before he knew it was 7pm and he was on his way to Her home. he stopped at a florist and picked up a beautiful bouquet of daffodills, lillies, etc.; he found a card which expressed his feelings for the privelege and gift of submission his Goddess had bestowed on him. When he arrived he found a note instructing him to strip and come downstairs.

Chapter 15

When he got downstairs Goddess Bridget was sitting on chair enjoying dinner. he crawled to Her side and presented the bouquet and card to Her.
She looked at him and smiled " the flowers are beautiful; there is a vase in the kitchen . Put the flowers in My bedroom. "

When he returned She turned and smiled again; "The sentiments of the card are beatiful. Tell Me what did you think of lunch" She said with a knowing smile.
"It was amazing, i thought about it all afternoon."
"I love feeling your mouth and tongue worshipping My crack, kissing My hole and licking My insides. Once we are together your mouth will worship My ass almost every day. Can't wait huh?"
he nodded yes "Thank-You Goddess Bridget."
She chuckled.

Now I want you to fellate My fingers. Come sit at My feet; get busy I have many plans for you this weekend."
he took each finger in his mouth and sucked it like it was a small cock. After 30-40 minutes She motioned for him to stop. Goddess Bridget was wearing the same panties, bra, nylons, and stillettos from this afternoon. She stood up,looked over Her shoulder and had him place his nose between Her cheeks;
"I want you to keep you nose between My cheeks as I walk."
First She walked slowly than picked up the pace suddenly, stopping his nose bumping into Her crack
he placed his mouth on Her asshole and proceeded.
"Stop" SHE said after 10-20 kisses.
She walked to the side of Her bed which housed Her toys. She strapped on Black Beauty and had him deep throat her. She had him remove Her heels and climbed on his back so She could get in bed. he layed down next to Her. She lubricated Black Beauty then his man pussy. Slowly She pushed the head past his sphincter muscle and inch by inch penetrated him. She grabbed his ankles and pushed them over his head so his dick was positioned over his face. She looked at him and smiled. She slowly increased the tempo until his feet were banging against the wall and Her balls slapped against his cheeks. She fucked him for over one hour: one orgasm after another. While She fucked him She lowered Her magnificent breasts so he could suck on Her nipples. When She was satisfied She climbed out of the harness leaving Black Beauty in his man pussy.
After relaxing for a little while She sat on his face for payback .

"Since I was magnanimous enough to pleasure your ass My turn! Goddess Bridget chuckled. I expect at least as long for Me." She whispered.
he stuck his tongue out and licked her sweat and juices from Her crack and the space between Her heavenly holes. She then had him stick his tongue inside. While he worshipped Her She toyed with his nipples; ground Her hips on his face, periodically lifting up slightly so he could catch his breath and She could look at his face all sweaty covered with her cum juices. As it should be. As Her excitement increased it became hader for his tongue to continue at the same pace so She ground harder and harder until She reached a massive orgasm.

She moved slightly down and relaxed on the lower half of his face; his nose partially covered, allowing him to breath between Her cheeks. She looked at the mirror above the bed admiring the scene. he lay under Her; his face streaked with cum and sweat, dick bobbing in frustration. She thought about climbing aboard and giving him a massive orgasm but decided She wanted him hard all weekend. Maybe Sunday She would allow Her dick the pleasure of feeling Her magnificent pussy. After all she would decide when it would cum so it belonged to Her. She chuckled in contemtment.

She the admired Her body; FIRM VOLUPTUOUS BREASTS, LARGE NIPPLES, FLAT BELLY, MUSCULAR THIGHS and CALVES, SEXY FEET. HER ARMS, slightly muscular just perfect for Her, BLONDE HAIR just above Her CHEEKS DEEP BLUE EYES, eminently kissable lips, dimpled CHIN, MUSCULAR BACK and, last but not least, HER ABSOLUTELY PERFECT ASS round, soft yet muscular; every mans dream.

Chapter 16

Goddess Bridget lay down next to her slut and had him undress Her for bed.
"you smell, but I want you to wear My scents thru the evening. you will sleep on the floor. Get a blanket to cover you. Tommorrow you will take off from work. Call in sick in the morning."

To be continued

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FD Training Chapter 12

A story submitted by : slave jim88

Goddess Bridget then untied him and climbed on his back where She ordered him to take Her to the the queen sized bed in another part of the basement. She stepped on his back so She could lay down, then instructed him to lay at the bottom of the bed, & rub her feet .

" slave jim My moods will always vary; Sometimes we will have vanilla sex like Friday, sometimes Goddess Worship; sometimes tease and denial, actually lots of tease and denial. I love looking at a stiff dick, sometimes I will be a real BITCH- PAIN, SPANKING, whatever strikes my mood. Your hands, mouth, and tongue will work hard at pleasing Me. I think you now I LUV strap on play. As I said I will respect your hard limits It's obvious to Me you love using your tongue, mouth and hands more more than any slave I've had. Tell Me how much strap-on play have you had"?
"Very little Goddess Bridget."
"Don't worry I will more than make up for that."
"Thank-You Goddess Bridget."
"Now enough foot massage She needs some attention;"

Goddess Bridget pulled the leash on his collar till he was inches away from Her. Looking him straight in the eyes She said
"Beg Me slave beg Me to worship My pussy."
"Please Goddess Bridget allow me the privelege of worshiping Your Magnificent pussy?"
"Place your nose inside and beg Me again."
"MMMMMMM" he said She LOL.
"Ok go ahead."
Goddess Bridget placed Her feet on his back. Occasionally She tapped his back with Her crop, and pulled his face into Her pussy repeatedly. As Goddess Bridget approached orgasm She pulled harder, hit him with more frequency, and squeezed his head with Her muscular thighs.
"MMM not bad on your back."
Goddess Bridget straddled his face, looked him in the eyes and said "stick your tongue straight up and do not move. I will pull if I need you to move I will use your face for My pleasure"

Goddess Bridget rode his face up and down, side to side finally putting his tongue inside and rode him up and down for multiple orgasms; on the last one She lifted Her legs queening him full weight.

Goddess Bridget climbed off relaxing for a short while She turned and admired Her slave he hadn't moved & his dick was rock hard. She smiled, looked him in the eyes and teased his dick with Her nails. he moaned She took Her middle finger and wiped the precum forming on his head stuck it in his mouth and had him lick it clean.
God She loved Her life. he gave Her pleasure. She teased him, humiliated him, and hurt him, and he liked it. Goddess Bridget so looked forward to the there next time together.
"slave jim pick Me up at My office Thursday evening."

They would spend Thursday-Sunday together.

To be continued

FD Training Chapters 9,10, & 11

A story submitted by : slave jim88

Chapter 9 Sunday

On Sunday She had slave jim make Her breakfast, that he served Her in the bedroom. While She ate he massaged Her feet.
" slavejim today I want you to tell Me about yourself; start with your childhood, when did you realize you were submissive, your limitations, and experience in the scene.

"my childhood was pretty average my dad worked, my mom stayed home, we lived pretty comfortably, as a teen i was rebellious didn't listen to them. In my 20's i moved out; i see my parents for holidays, we got along better as i grew older.

i realized that i was submissive when i reached puberty.
i fantasized about " the older woman teenage virgin" one day a neighbor asks me to help Her in Her apartment. She thanks me by teaching me about the proper way to make love to a women. Being dominant our sex revolves around oral worship, massage etc. my first real experience was with a Professional Dom when i was in my late 20's. Since then i have seen various professionals who have expanded my training. Most of the women i dated didn't want anything to do with the scene; the relationships never lasted very long. Over the last few years i've realized this is what i want. When i got into sales i started reading about self developement and fem dom relationship books. These have molded me into the man i have become. my first sales job my manager taught me how to submit my ego so that we could be a successful team. Ironically a fem dom relationship is similar; a true slave must be willing to submit his ego so he can satisfy his Goddesss's needs and desires. i feel most slaves find that hard or are unwilling to commit long term.

In reference to my limtations i am not into pain, but i realize sometimes i will have to accept some pain, my submission is service oriented; tell me what you want done and i will do everything possible to make You happy. my hard limits are as follows; no public humiliation, no piercings a monogomous relationship, Fem Dom in private, vanilla in public, no brown showers, no bi, no cuckold. i have other limits but they are flexible. If i was to define my submission to you it's to do everything i possibly can to make you happy and increase your wealth and security in my lifetime."

Chapter 10

slave jim we are in agreement on so many issues. I also believe in a monogamous relationship I do not believe in sharing my slave with other Doms. your job is to please Me, make Me happy. From time to time there will be pain I feel it is a necessary part of a Fem Dom relationship. I believe you are a human being and I believe in ss&c relationship. The happier I am, the happier you are, that will lead to a long and prosperous relationship; of course My happiness must come first. I believe that you truly believe that, that is why I feel you will be perfect for Me. Tell Me what did you think when we first met?"

"i remember when You walked towards me thinking that you are the most beautiful woman i had ever seen, and wouldn't it be something if You were Dominant. As i have gotten to know You, my feeelings and respect have grown in leaps and bounds. i feel priveleged that You have allowed me to serve You."
"Come slave jim, lets go to My dungeon"

Chapter 11

They went downstairs to a room he had never seen before, Her dungeon. Once there he kneeled at the door till Goddess Bridget ordered him to crawl to Her throne. he helped Her put on Her black leather bustier, leather panties, thigh high silk nylons and black stiletto's.

She turned around so he could kiss Her cheeks, then kiss Her stilletto's. Goddess Bridget placed Her collar on his neck, with a leash, than sat on Her throne and said:

"Repeat after Me; i slave jim will serve Goddess Bridget for the rest of my life. i will obey, respect, and adore Her with my heart and soul for as long as She will have me."
he repeated her verbage.
"Yes Goddess Bridget" he replied. Now give Me My paddle and lay across My lap I want you to count aloud and thank Me after each stroke."
She gave him enough strokes until he cried. Then She massaged his cheeks with Her hand. She than had him lick Her stilletto's and leather panties, front and back. Next: black beauty, he kissed the head; then Goddess Bridget grabbed his ears and had him suck Her dick. She then tied him to her horse where She took him for over 1 hour. She did not let him cum this time. She pulled out, removed Her panties and had him worship Her ass the way She liked, while still tied to the horse, until She was satisfied.

to be continued

FD Training Chapters 7 & 8

A story submitted by : slave jim88

After a good night's sleep slave jim prepared Goddess Bridget's bubble bath per Her directions. he washed and dried Her, then ordered breakfast. When they finished, She gave him the following directions:
" I want you to clean My house from top to bottom. Vacuum My rugs clean My bathroom, wax My wood furniture, mop My kitchen floor etc. I will return in 4-5 hours. I expect everything to be completed. you will shower and shave and be ready to take Me on a date. Dinner and a movie. Do I make Myself perfectly clear?"
"Yes Goddess Bridget" slave jim replied.

At 4pm slave jim received a text message that She would be there in 1 hour, he was to be waiting by the door. When Goddess Bridget strolled through at 5pm he was on his knees waiting for Her. She turned around and he kissed Her amazing cheeks in greeting.

She turned and said "don't I look amazing?"
"Yes Goddess Bridget" he replied."
"Go to My car and bring the bags in, put the food away and bring the clothing to My bedroom. When you are done go to the garage start My sports car where you will take me to My Italian restaurant for dinner. In public you will call Me Bridget and i will call you jim. you will order our meals after I tell you what we are having. When we are done you will pay the bill, tip My waitress 20%, then we will go see a movie I have chosen.

Chapter 8 Saturday Night Slave Training

They returned around 11pm. Goddess Bridget told slave jim to go downstairs strip naked and wait for Her to arrive. When She came downstairs She removed Her robe; She was totally naked.
"I want a full body massage My pet per My directions, start with My feet, work your way up My legs, massage My cheeks, back, shoulders, neck, & arms. I will turn over and you will work your way down."
1 hour later he was done.
"MMM not bad, of course you will require regular practice to improve?"
"Yes Goddess Bridget" he replied.
" Now we will have some fun." She went to a closet where She had him put on a black bra on Her magnificent Breasts and panties over Her voluptuous cheeks, then kissed Her cheeks in thanks for allowing him the privelege of touching Her soft skin.
"Come let Me show you one of my favorite rooms. This is my wrestling room, I believe FD wrestling is excellent foreplay, I win you lose. After that we fuck. MMM."
She smiled. The match took all of 5-10 minutes. Goddess Bridget flipped him to the ground where She proceeded to scissor his head & body in a variety of positions. She bounced of the ropes and jumped on him. She enveloped his head in Her armpits which She had him lick the sweat from, while She squeezed. and he groaned in pain, She loved the irony: pleasure for Her pain for him. Why not, She was the Goddess he was Her slave that was understood.
She ended the match by planting Her magnificent cheeks on his face; lifting his legs up,"123 match over and winner again Goddess Bridget".

She raised Her arms in victory flexing Her muscles. Goddess Bridget then stood up: one foot on his face the other on Her dick. She ordered him to kiss Her foot. While he kissed Her sole She tweaked his nose with Her toes. She LOL. She felt Her dick growing harder in response to Her humiliating him. She then put on black beauty, straddled his face and fucked his mouth until She came. Next She turned him over lubed his ass and black beauty and royally fucked him.
" See slave jim I always do what I say; I won & we fucked right LOL?"
" Yes Goddess Bridget" he replied.
"Now you know how to thank Me" She said in a husky voice, looking him straight in the eyes.
he crawled down to Her cheeks where he quickly removed Her panties and lay down next to Her so Goddess Bridget could sit on his face.

"Listen; before you start. Take your nose and sniff while you rub it against My asshole, then kiss My asshole only, then lick My crack, finally stick your lowly tongue in and lick for all you are worth. you may start."

While he followed Goddess Bridget's directions, She would grind and bounce Her ass on his face totally using him for Her pleasure. When Goddess Bridget was in this mood Her physicality manifested itself. She knew he was mentally and physically exhausted, but he would not stop until She told him to. This was one of the things She had realized about him in this brief time. Her happiness was the most important thing in the world to him. he would serve Her for the rest of his life this way. The next 6 months She would use to mold him into Her perfect slave. Tonight She would have him lick Her perfect ass longer than the last time, every time She would increase the time he spent between Her cheeks. he probably loved servicing Her ass almost as much as She did. Most men would do what She wanted; he did it for 2 reasons 1) She wanted it 2) he wanted to please Her. She could feel that when he kissed and licked Her. Finally Goddess Bridget was satisfied.

She told him to sleep in the bed in the basement, while She slept in the Mistresses bedroom. If he heard the bell next to the bed ring She wanted him upstairs. he followed Her to the door leading upstairs where he kissed Her cheeks goodnight.

To be Continued

FDT Chapter 6 Friday night

A story submitted by : slave jim88

After the appointment slave jim contacted Goddess Bridget for further directions. She told him to pick Her up Friday at 5pm sharp; they were going to spend the weekend together.

At 5pm he was waiting for Her at the reception area. he followed Goddess Bridget to Her mansion. Once there She had him order Her favorite chinese dinner, and gave him permission to order dinner for himself. While they waited for the delivery Goddess Bridget showed him Her mansion. When the delivery boy arrived they ate at the dining room table and She shared a liitle bit about Her upbringing. Normal home; dad worked, mom stayed home. One big difference

"She ruled". Her dad was a very succesful businessman who believed in FD. he introduced the lifestyle to his wife who totally embraced it. She spent Her time at the beauty salom, gym, shopping while her maid and cleaning lady took care of Her home. When her father was at home he served and worshipped his wife.

When Bridget reached puberty they taught Her about the lifestyle. Her high school and college boyfriends were both Her slaves. After the first date She took them to Her place told them the rules where they had the choice to agree or never see Her again. Of course they accepted. She knew that no male could ever refuse Her. She had selected them because they exhibited the proper habits.

Once they finished dinner Goddess Bridget had slave jim strip and follow Her to the bedroom. he helped Her remove her business attire, and put on a one piece black silk nighty and black thong silk panties Goddess Bridget told him tonight would be slightly different She would allow him the privelege of making love to Her! She had him lay on the right side of Her bed.

Goddess Bridget layed down on top of him and said, "you will do exactly as I tell you. First when I kiss you you will not kiss back."

She kissed his lips stuck Her tongue in his mouth, rubbed Her magnificent breasts all over his face, then had him lick Her nipples and breasts. Goddess Bridget then layed down next to him and told him to climb on top and worship Her FACE, NECK, BREASTS, WAIST, before he worshiped Her panty covered pussy.

Then She had him remove Her panties with his mouth. She LOL at his strugles to remove them quickly per Her instructions. When he was finiished he worshipped her to 1-2 orgasms then entered Her MAGNIFICENCE where they fucked till She had a few more orgasms, before She allowed him to come. he lay down next to her where She climbed aboard his face and him clean Her MAGNIFICENCE thoroughly. When he finished She had him drink Her golden champagne. Of course he swallowed every drop.

"MMM not a bad start" She said with a smile. "Now kiss My magnificent ass. Tongue the crack of my ass, kiss My asshole, then put some tongue action into it by penetrating My asshole You may start."

15-20 minutes later She climbed off his face, put on black beauty, and had him suck Her dick. She then lubricated his asshole, and black beauty before Goddess Bridget fucked him royally. When Goddess Bridget was satisfied She climbed off , and went to sleep.

To be continued

Sunday, March 7, 2010

FDT Chapters 3,4&5

A story submitted by : slave jim88

Two days later slave jim received a text message from Goddess Bridget to p-u Her lunch, be at Her office at 1pm sharp, strip naked and present himself to Her in the playpen.
he arrived five minutes late. She had decided his second training day would encompass humilition, pain, and excessive ass worship. Since he was late She started out with pain. Goddess Bridget informed him when She said 1pm She meant 1pm not 5 after 1.
"you will receive 10 strokes as punishment." She had him lay across Her lap and gave him the 10 strokes which he thanked Her for when She finished.. Then She him sit on the floor while She explained certain facts of life.

1) Lateness will never be tolerated, if he arrived early he would wait till the exact time before presenting himself to Her.

2) As Her slave he would tithe 10% of his income once a month to Her, and She expected a management override of 5% all sales.

3) he would use his sales skills to grow Her business, and all profits would be turned over to Her.

4) he would be allowed the privelege of worshipping and serving Her. That would be adequate compensation, since ther were numerous slaves She could replace him with. After each rule he repeated the rule and thanked Goddess Bridget.

Chapter 4 Humiliation and ass worship

"Look at Me slave jim" She said.
Today She was attired in a leather bustier thigh high stockings, and stilettos, no panties. Under Her throne ( leather recliner) there was a piece of material large enough to fit a slaves head. Goddess Bridget ordered him to place his head in that pouch so he could worship Her ass while She ate Her lunch.

he started just like She had taught him two days before, left cheek, right cheek. Then Goddess Bridget ordered him to stop. She put on a collar and leash, sat on his back and rode him to the side of Her bed where She stepped on his back and and climbed onto Her bed. he followed .

She ordered him to lay face up next to Her, straddled his face and said: "Today you wil be further trained on worshipping My magnificent ass. Look at it. Tell me isn't My ass the most magnificent you have ever seen?"
"Yes Goddess Bridget" he replied.
She lowered Her cheeks so that his nose was in Her crack next to Her asshole.
"Now put your lips on my asshole kiss Me until I tell you to stop."
he kissed Her rosebud for 15-20 minutes. Then she ordered him to place his nose right on Her asshole.
"Time for some brown nosing She chuckled. I want you to move your nose in and out of My asshole, you know brown nosing."
That continued for 15-20 minutes. Periodically Goddess Bridget moved up slighty to allow him to breathe a little bit.
"isn't that kind of Me slave jim allowing your nose the privelege of brathing my scent."
"MMM" he replied.
"I love it when we're in agreement. Now stick your tongue in." he pushed hard until he had penetrated Goddess Bridget's asshole and licked the way She had taught him. She than told him to stop moving while She rode his face to multiple orgasms.
"Not a bad start slave jim."

Chapter 5

Goddess Bridget climbed of his face, and got Her chin dildo. She strapped it on his face. She lowered Her sweet little Pussy onto it's 12 inches.
"While I fuck your face your tongue would continue to worship My ass."
Goddess Bridget thoroughly enjoyed the multiple orgasms She received from the chin dildo and his tongue worshipping her asshole. When She was satisfied She climbed off , removed the dildo, sealed his mouth to Her pussy where She relieved herself,& had him clean Her. She enjoyed another orgasm.

She told him to get dressed for his next appointment without washing himself. Goddess Bridget wanted Her scent on his face for the rest of the day. he was to contact Her after the deal was closed for further instructions.

To be continued.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

FD Training Chapters 1&2

This story is fantasy and for adults only (21+) If You are offended by Female Dominant sexuality do not read. The actual acts Golden Showers etc; i have experienced with professional Dom's over the Years. There are more chapters to follow. All comments are appreciated

Chapter 1

Jim called on Bridget Monday afternoon at 2 PM. He was a salesman offering a service which would reduce her gas and electric bills. She was the owner of a large company. At 2 PM sharp he knocked on Her office door. Mary, the secretary let him in. Shortly Ms. Bridget came out to introduce herself and take him to Her office. While they walked to Her office She could feel his chauvanistic eyes follow Her asscheeks. When they arrived She sat behind Her large oak desk, and offered him a seat.
" Thank-You" he replied.
Bridget asked him to tell Her about his service. After a few minuted of explaining how hr could reduce Her expenses, he took out the necessary papers to close the deal.

Bridget got up walked around the front of Her desk and said " jim before we finalize this agreement. I have some questions, how would you like to do this twice a week
for the next 51-52 weeks?"
"Of course i would" he replied." but how is that possiblle?"
I have approximately 100 PARTNERS, all WOMEN whom I network with! Isn't that phenomenal?"
"Yes Ma'am" he replied.
"Now My second question, what would you be willing to do to earn such a phenomenonal opportunity?"
"Tell me what i need to do and i'll do it!"
"Bold words jim, but can you back them up with the necessary action? I am a very demanding Woman you will have to prove to Me that what you say is real not just talk! First, would you agree I am beautifull?"
"Ms. Bridget I think you are more than beautiful, You are a Goddess!"
"So then jim you will cal me Goddess Bridget?"
"Yes i will" he replied.
"Correction, the answer to every question will be Yes Goddess Bridget say it jim." "Yes Goddess Bridget" he replied.
"The first thing I expect from you jim is regular foot service, remove My stiletto's and massage My feet."
he massaged each foot for 10-15 minutes. Then Goddess Bridget ordered him to remove Her silk stockings carefully and lick Her feet. he looked up questioning Her demand. She leaned forward showing him some cleavage and whispered "you do want the business we spoke about don't you?"
"Yes Goddess Bridget" he replied.
"jim let Me make something perfectly clear; you said I am a Goddess didn't you jim?" "Yes Goddess Bridget i did.
"Then, all of My body must be worshipped, correct jim?"
"Yes Goddess Bridget."
"In fact let's take this further, if I am your Goddess you are My slave, I will call you slave jim correct?"
"Yes Goddess Bridget."
"Excellent" She replied.
"I'd like to inspect My property. Remove all your clothes quickly."
he removed them, and placed them in the corner as She directed him.
"Turn around so I can inspect you. MMM you should start exercizing you need to lose some weight LOL. Now worship My feet with your tongue."
After 20 minutes She ordered him to stop.
"Kneel on the floor slavejim and look at Me." Goddess Bridget removed Her suit jacket, silk blouse then had him crawl to Her to remove Her mini skirt. She wore black silk panties and a pushup bra. "Look at Me slave you are so right when you said I am a Goddesss: I have mensa IQ, My measurements are 44DD-34-46. I felt your eyes staring at My ass when we walked to My office. Obviously you are an ass man aren't you? "Yes Goddess Bridget" he replied. "Excellent I love to have my ass worshipped frequently. Follow me."

Chapter 2 Training

She walked he crawled. They entered another room, definitely not an office. In one corner was a queen sized 4 poster bed all over the room were implements for Her pleasure.
" slavejim 2 times a week you will make yourself available for training. This will be your first training day. When I am through with you, you will the perfect slave for me. your tongue is not bad but you will not much more training to be perfect. Crawl to My bed." She made herself comfortable then ordered him to climb up and remove Her panties with his mouth. She chuckled while he struggled to remove them. Eventually he got them off. "Lay down next to Me" She said and put a dog collar around his neck with a leash. She then proceeded to ride him around the room. When She was satisfied Goddess Bridget then sat on Her throne and pulled him to her so he could Worship Her pussy until She had multiple orgasms. Then She rode him to Her bed, climbed aboard and ordered him to lay down next to Her. Goddess Bridget than straddled his face and had him kiss Her cheeks. Next She sat, spread Her cheeks and placed his face in Her crack to worship. Finally she told him to put his lips on her asshole, stick his tongue inside. " While you kiss My asshole I want to feel your tongue licking My insides first in and out and when I tell you round and round. you may start." She kept him at this until She exploded again lifting Her legs so She full weight facesat him. Goddess Bridget relaxed a few minutes before She climbed off. "I need to pee lay on the floor!" "But" "BUT WHAT I am Goddess you are My slave there is only one correct answer YES GODDESS BRIDGET: is that clear slave? "Yes Goddess Bridget" "Now I repeat lay on the floor amd place your face under My toilet. Say ahh here it comes." Goddess Bridget peed in his mouth, used his tongue to clean Her pisshole and came again. " Now go to the bathroom and rinse your mouth quickly." When he came out She told him to go to the horse in the middle of Her playpen and place himself over it. She tied his feet and hands in place and put on one of Her strapons. She walked up to him so he could see it and said. "Now you will learn to be My slut. you will suck My dick take it up the ass, if not you can leave and the deal is off? "Yes Goddess Bridget i will do whatever You wish" he sighed in submission. Goddess Bridget laughed while he deep throated her dick, then she moved behind him lubed Her dick and his ass. "Beg me to fuck you slut" "Please Goddess fuck me, use me for Your pleasure" "LOL not bad not bad" Goddess Bridget started fucking him slowly than increasing the tempo until She orgasmed over and over. Then She grabbed his dick and jerked him off while continuing to fuck him. Leaving Her dildo in his ass she came around and wiped Her fingers on his lips and in his mouth until they were clean. " Not bad for a first training day. Normally the next Goddess you close business with will use you for Her pleasure, but I will keep you. You will return to My office in 2 days for additional training before I send you to the next Goddess to close business with. Agreed?" "Yes Goddess Bridget i will."
"Good boy. She commented while pulling Her strapon out of his ass. "LOL"

To be continued