Friday, August 6, 2010

FD Training Chapters 19 &20

A story submitted by : slave jim88

Chapter 19

For the next few hours Goddess Bridget and slave jim associated with the other Members and slaves. he followed Her on his knees and only spoke when Goddess Bridget allowed him to. Goddess Bridget was complimented on how well he was trained.
Finally She decided to play. They went upstairs to a private room Goddess Bridget sat in a leather recliner. The room was maximized for pleasure; mirrors on the ceiling, & walls, four poster king sized bed, horse and all the necessary equipment. First Goddess Bridget had him worship Her leather. he removed Her boots and worshipped Her feet, and chaps till he reached the top.

" Worship My pussy through my panties."
She then turned around and had him kiss Her cheeks. She moved to the four poster bed.
"Remove My chaps and panties and worship the crack of My ass, then stick your tongue in and lick My shithole."
Goddess Bridget sat on his face while She enjoyed his tongue and lip service. As Her excitement increased She ground Her hips all over his face exploding into one gigantic orgasm. She moved Her hips back and pissed in his mouth. he swallowed every drop. She looked over Her shoulder, smiled at the sweat and cum all over his face. She then used his face to wipe the piss of Her hairs, adding urine to his face. She liked that touch. Perfect.

Next She tied his hands to the posters and spread his legs using a spreader bar. She picked a flesh covered dildo to fuck his man pussy . She fucked him for about one hour. While fucking him She kissed his face and lips continuously looking deeply at the expression in his eyes. After multiple orgasms, She pulled out and relaxed.
To climax the scene She sat on his face, grabbed his cock, jerked him off then wiped his cum all over his lips, nose, and chin. She surveyed the scene utiizing the mirror above the bed. The combination of Her cum and piss, sweat and his cum was adorable. She untied him and they fell asleep She on the bed he on the floor at Her side.

Chapter 20

They both slept soundly for 10 hours. When Goddess Bridget woke up She used slave jim as to pee. They went into the bathroom where he washed Her in the shower. When they went downstairs a few Members were getting ready to leave. They decided to go out for brunch to Goddess Bridgets resataurant.

When they arrived at the restaurant they went upstairs to a private party room. First the Goddesses ordered there brunch which was fed to them by there personal slaves. Then while They sipped mimmossa's, coffee, etc.; the slaves ate there breakfast. After a few hours they went there separate ways.

When they arrived at Goddess Bridget's place they spent some talking about the evening.
Her associates were impressed with how well She had him trained, his selling skills would be very useful to all there enterprises. slave jim rubbed Goddess Bridgets feet while she talked. he thanked Her for fulfilling his life with Her goals and dreams. he couldn't wait for the day when he was Hers 24/7.

Goddess Bridget decided they would relax at home tonight have dinner delivered and watch some movies on Her entertainment center.

To be continued

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