Friday, August 6, 2010

FD Training Chapters 17 & 18

A story submitted by : slave jim88

Chapter 17

During the early morning hours slave jim opened his eyes to see Goddess Bridget lowering Her hips over his face. he opened his mouth and quickly started swallowing Her golden champagne. When She was done he wiped Her pussy hairs clean and they went back to sleep.

he woke up around 8am and called in sick. he brushed his teeth, and started preparing the bathroom for Goddess Bridget's bubble bath. When he came out She was partially awake. he went and sat at Her feet waiting for Her first instructions.
She had him slowly kiss Her feet while She stretched Her magnificent body. She then used his mouth as Her urinal, then told him to prepare Her bath, and order breakfast. While She relaxed in the warm water he scrubbed Her body.
When She was satisfied he ran the shower to remove the soap and dried Her with a warm towel.
While She ate breakfast he laid out Her clothes; white cotton panties, white bra, sheer anklets, black tights, and a long white t-shirts with the SUPERWOMAN logo on it.
After he helped Her get dressed, Goddess Bridget told him to quickly get dressed they were going out. he gulped a quick cup of coffee while he dressed and then they went to Her garage where She picked Her SUV. he opened Her door, closed it then went around and sat on the passenger side. Goddess Bridget enjoyed driving, so sometimes She drove, occasionally She let him drive.

First stop was the supermarket. he wheeled the cart, She picked the food; he paid for it. They returned home where slave jim put the food away.
Next stop was a small shoe store; the owner was a Business Associate, Goddess Jo-Ann. Goddess Bridget received wholesale pricing since they were part of the FEMALE SUPREMACY NETWORK. She had slave jim pick up a pair of tailor made boots for Her, while She waited in the car.
Next was the mall; Victoria's Secret, a few boutiques that Goddess Bridget patronized. At Victoria's everyone knew Her, She introduced them to Her boyfriend jim. She ran into a friend; Goddess Katherine. She introduced slave jim to the Goddess. After buying for a few hours Goddess Bridget was famished.
They went to Her favorite restaurant, Bridget's; guess who the owner is? She introduced him to the Chef Goddess Ann.
She ordered lobster ravioli in a light cream sauce, shrimp cocktail as appetiser, and a bottle of imported water.
For him She ordered a cheeseburger deluxe. While they waited for lunch Goddess Bridget told slave jim of Her plans for the day.
" When we are done with lunch I want you to go home put away My things leave the boots in My bedroom, shower, shave quickly while I go to My beauty salon. When I call you, you will pick me up and bring home. Tonight we will be attending a FEMALE SUPREMACY business meeting, and recreational event. you will make Me proud. Need I say more?"
"No Goddess Bridget i understand clearly."
"you will meet My networking associates and have the opportunity to tell them a little about yourself. The waiter slave mike is bringing our food; make sure you give him double the normal tip"

When they finished eating he dropped Goddess Bridget at Her salon and went home to follow Her directions. A few hours later he picked Her up. She looked stunning. She took a siesta, he massaged Her feet till She fell asleep. Then he did the same.

When She woke up She prodded him with Her feet till he woke up. Once again She used him as Her toilet, he cleaned Her hairs, and worshipped Her till She had a few small orgasms. She had him open the box and remove Her new boots and lay out Her outfit for the evening.
Leather Chaps, black panties with JUICY lettered across Her Cheeks, Black push-up bra, and a Leather Motorcycle Jacket. he helped Her get dressed. She went to the mirror with the two panes on the sides to see how She looked; HOT!
She pointed Her finger to Her cheeks and said "Kiss each letter twice, then stick your nose in My crack and rub it up and down. When he finished She put a collar and leash around his neck, told him to put on boxer briefs and a white t-shirt with the letter s lower case. They went to Her female supremacy auto. Black with red leather interior and a few modifications.

Chapter 18

The drive to the warehouse, which served as the location for the Female Supremacy Organization's club took about 45 minutes. Goddess Bridget told slave jim that he would tell Her Partners about his selling skills, devotion to Her and there Orrganization, and all Women in general. he would have about 2-3 minutes to share.

When they arrived at the club a slave answered the door bell and ushered them in. The club was three stories; the main floor which had a kitchen, lounge, and conference room. The basement which served as a dungeon with private play rooms. The top floor had suites in case someone wanted to sleep overnight.

The meeting commenced with the introduction of new Members and slaves. The business meeting took about two hours. The Ladies were of all nationalities: oriental, black, hispanic, caucasian. They numbered 14 in all; with 2 new Members. They ranged from one Lady who was over 6' tall around 200 pounds, to 5' tall under 100 pounds. It goes witout saying there were all exquisitely beautiful each in Her own way.

After the meetingwas over the new Members spoke first, then the slaves. When slave jim received his opportunity to share, he knelt in front of the Women and started
" my name is slave jim. i belong to the magnificent Goddess Bridget. If She will have me i will devote the rest of my life to Her happiness pleasure, and increase Her wealth. Goddess Bridget has instructed me to serve all the Ladies with my selling skills. Please let Her know how You would like to utilize my skills. i pledge my undying loyalty, devotion to Your organization. my love and thanks to Goddess Bridget for alowing me the privelege of serving Her."
slave jim then crawled to Goddess Bridget and kissed Her boots and cheeks.

To be continued

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