Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fd Taining Chapter 21

Around midnight Goddess Bridget decided it was time for them to go to bed. "Because you were so good I'm going to spank you" Goddess Bridget watched the confused expression on his face and decided to address it.
"Is there something you would like to say slave?"
If i've been good why will You spank me Goddess Bridget?"
Fair question, Who am I slave?" "You are my Goddess."
"Correct slave, and as your Goddess what can I do?"
"Anything You wish Goddess Bridget."
"Therefore, do I need a reason to do anything I wish?"
"No Goddess Bridget You don't."
"Don't you ever forget that slave."

Goddess Bridget than took Her paddle and spanked his cheeks to a perfect shade of red. Next She had Her slave worship Her feet. First he fellated each toe; then he licked her soles from back to front, finally Goddess Bridget had him open his mouth and She put Her whole foot inside and fucked his mouth, while he continued to lick. Finally She pulled his leash so he could prop all the pillows on the headboard so She could relax Her head and back, while he serviced Her asshole. She placed Her feet on his back while he pushed his tongue inside. She had him lick and kiss Her until She exploded with multiple orgasms.

Finally they fucked: Her black beauty and his man pussy. Goddess Bridget wrapped her arms around his face and he worshiped Her breasts, underarms, and upper body, while She slowly fucked him. This went on for about one hour. Goddess Bridget came over and over until She had one gigantic orgasm.
After relaxing for a while Goddess Bridget had him drink Her golden champagne. While sitting on his face She decided they would sleep differently tonight. She had slave jim sleep with his face between Her cheeks.

Goddess Bridget woke up the next morning to find slave jims face between Her cheeks. The feeling of his breath on Her asshole was exciting. She prodded him awake, straddled his face and gave him Her golden shower. She decided they would go out for breakfast.

First She showered. he prepared the water just the way She liked it, they both got in he scrubbed and washed Goddess Bridget. Then while the water ran over Her body he worshiped Her ass.
After drying his Goddess, he quickly dried himself, dressed her, then put his clothes on.
They went to Her restaurant for breakfast. She ordered for both of them. While they waited to be served Goddess Bridget asked slave jim his thoughts on the society.
" Goddess Bridget i think it is truly phenomenal. You have a unified group with a single vision and purpose. The betterment of all Women, slavery for all men, the sky is the limit. i wouldn't be surprised if all the members are millionaires or will attain that goal in the near future. Plus emotionally all the Members must but extremely satisfied."
"you are right 90% 0f our Members are millionaires, the ones that aren't are the newest members, less than 2 years."
When breakfast arrived they ate quietly. Next the took in a movie, and went to the shore where they relaxed. To the people walking by they appeared to be two people in love, which they were. No one outside of the scene could fathom the depth of there relationship. It isn't about the Fem Dom sex, but the devotion and unity between each other.

After breakfast they went back to Goddess Bridget's home. They relaxed in Her living room. While Goddess Bridget read the Sunday paper, slave jim massaged and worshiped Her feet. When She needed to pee She used his mouth since She didn't use Her slave for brown showers, She went to the bathroom, where he wiped Her royal ass clean with toilet paper. If he was lucky sometimes She let him worship Her ass after he cleaned it. In Her home Goddess Bridget usually wore comfortable but sexy lingerie, tailor made for Her, long one piece tee shirts, some solid, some with writing ( GODDESS, SUPERWOMAN, THE QUEEN, BETTY BOOP, PINK, ETC.) No matter what She decided to wear She looked exquisite. Today She wore Her Goddess T-Shirt and nothing else.

Goddess Bridget loved foot worship; it really excited Her. After relaxing for a few hours, She started getting wet. She had slave jim lay on the couch sat on his face and blessed him with Her golden shower. Then he cleaned and worshiped Her till She exploded.
he kissed her crotch till She settled down. All over Her home Goddess Bridget kept toys, dildos, crops collar and leashes etc. She took a Chin dildo strapped it on his face.
he looked tired but turned on. his dick bobbed and weaved his face was sweaty
and covered with Her cum.
On one hand he wanted to stop and rest, on the other his excitement wanted him to keep on going. Either way he had no choice. Goddess Bridget wanted more, that's it PERIOD..... She slowly slid Her pussy down the 14" dildo till it was all inside.
"So slut are you ready to fuck MY pussy."
"mmmmmm" he replied.
LOL first you must kiss My royal ass. I hope you cleaned it well before. you know how I like it slut."
he worshiped Her hole for all he was worth. After 15-20 minutes Goddess Bridget started ridding Her cock while his mouth and tongue continued servicing Her ass.
"OH YES YES YES" Goddess Bridget exploded over and over.
She climbed off and relaxed on his body for a while.
Next She teased his cock with Her hands, mouth, hair, breasts etc, .
When he was near orgasm She stopped, looked at him with a smile: took Her fingers which were covered with his pre cum and had him lick them clean.
She loved the look of frustration on his face.
Time for a nap. They went to Her bedroom. She slept on the bed, slave jim on the floor.
After Her nap Goddess Bridget had slave jim prepare dinner for Her. While She ate he once again massaged Her feet.
When She finished dinner She went to the living room to watch television while slave jim cleaned the dishes and cooking area.
When he finished his task he presented himself to Goddess Bridget to see what She wanted him to do next.
Goddess Bridget in Her infinite wisdom wanted to send him home frustrated and thinking about Her. She would not see him again until next weekend.
This was Her way to see how an extended period of time away from Her would further mold his submissiveness to Her. She would speak with him every day and instruct him on his sales progress and train him over the phone.

Goddess Bridget had slave jim place his face under Her magnificent cheeks. She used it as Her chair.
his nose was placed on Her asshole, mouth near Her royal pussy. She queened him for one hour. His labored breathing excited Her.
She started grinding Her hips all over his face till She had a few small orgasms. Sometimes She wanted to feel his tongue and lips kissing Her sometimes She didn't.
This time She wanted Her juices and sweat all over his face when She sent him home. Next She had him stick his tongue in Her asshole and move it in and out. he did this until Goddess Bridget had one huge orgasm.
his lips kissed Her rosebud. Next She took a strap on & fucked him slowly first; than pounding Her cock repeatedly until Goddess Bridget exploded in one Gigantic orgasm.

After relaxing for a few minutes Goddess Bridget told slave jim She wanted him to go home. She would see him next weekend. he would contact Her before he went on there scheduled meetings with Her Associates, in the morning and evening. She did not want him to shower when he got home tonight or masturbate the whole week.

To be continued

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